Arizona Health Sciences

William R. Roeske, MD

Professor of Medicine & Pharmacology, Associate Chief for Finance, Cardiology, Allan C. Hudson and Helen Lovaas Endowed Chair for Cardiovascular Imaging

Contact Information

Office: 4143F
Phone: (520) 626-6221


  • MD: Stanford University - Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, 1970

Case Western Reserve, 1970-1971 (Internship)
Case Western Reserve, 1971-1973 (Residency)
Case Western Reserve, 1973-1976 ( Cardiology Fellowship)

Honors and Awards

Membership in American Society of Clinical Investigators

Major Areas of Research Interest

Cardiac receptors in growth and hypertrophy. We will investigate alterations of receptors in experimental models of hypertension or in development. Echo-Doppler correlates congestive heart failure. We will examine alterations in measurable velocities and blood flow in normal vs. patients with congestive heart failure in carefully controlled clinical studies.

Selected Publications

Navratilova E. Eaton MC. Stropova D. Varga EV. Vanderah TW. Roeske WR. Yamamura HI. Morphine promotes phosphorylation of the human delta-opioid receptor at serine 363. European Journal of Pharmacology. 519(3):212-4, 2005.

Varga EV. Hosohata K. Borys D. Navratilova E. Nylen A. Vanderah TW. Porreca F. Roeske WR. Yamamura HI. Antinociception depends on the presence of G protein gamma2-subunits in brain. European Journal of Pharmacology. 508(1-3):93-8, 2005.

Huang MH. Bahl JJ. Wu Y. Hu F. Larson DF. Roeske WR. Ewy GA. Neuroendocrine properties of intrinsic cardiac adrenergic cells in fetal rat heart. American Journal of Physiology - Heart & Circulatory Physiology. 288(2):H497-503, 2005.

Varga EV. Navratilova E. Stropova D. Jambrosic J. Roeske WR. Yamamura HI. Agonist-specific regulation of the delta-opioid receptor. Life Sciences. 76(6):599-612, 2004.

Research Activities

Cardiovascular pharmacology of autonomic receptor drugs; molecular biology of five types of receptors with specific drugs; correlation of the development of the beta adrenergic receptor and other postreceptor mechanisms in the developing heart; noninvasive evaluation of left ventricular function and performance; differences between muscarinic receptors in the heart and other tissues.

Student Opportunities Through Research

We are interested in students who are committed to doing a research project. We have an ongoing laboratory in which several individuals can provide help and assistance.

Sponsored Research Through MSRP

Ronald Evans (MSRP 1983): "Muscarinic receptors in growth and development."

Richard Heck (MSRP 1988): "Cholinergic antagonists identify a subclass of the muscarinic receptor gene family in human pancreatic carcinoma cells."

Research Interests: 

Cardiovascular pharmacology; regulation, characterization, and identification of autonomic receptors; neuropharmacology of drugs of abuse.