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Yao J, Chen S, Mao Z, Cadenas E, Brinton RDiaz.  2011.  2-Deoxy-D-glucose treatment induces ketogenesis, sustains mitochondrial function, and reduces pathology in female mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.. PLoS One. 6(7):e21788.
Rettberg JR, Hamilton RT, Mao Z, To J, Zhao L, Appt SE, Register TC, Kaplan JR, Brinton RDiaz.  2011.  The effect of dietary soy isoflavones before and after ovariectomy on hippocampal protein markers of mitochondrial bioenergetics and antioxidant activity in female monkeys.. Brain Res. 1379:23-33.
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Yao J, Brinton RDiaz.  2011.  Targeting mitochondrial bioenergetics for Alzheimer's prevention and treatment.. Curr Pharm Des. 17(31):3474-9.