Medical Pharmacology Program: Graduate Handbook


Medical Pharmacology Graduate Handbook June 2015

Welcome to the Graduate Program in Medical Pharmacology at The University of Arizona. The purpose of this handbook is to guide you through the mechanics of obtaining an advanced degree in Medical Pharmacology and to explain the organization of our program. The handbook outlines the rules and regulations of the degree process. It is intended to be used as a tool by you to understand and fulfill the requirements for obtaining your graduate degree. This handbook should be used in conjunction with a current Graduate College Catalog. Most of the basic rules are policies of the Graduate College of the University of Arizona and must be followed by all programsoffering graduate degrees. In those cases where the requirements are slightly different from those stated in the Graduate College, the requirements in this Handbook pertain. More specialized requirements were established by the Executive Committee to ensure the quality of your training. As questions arise, good sources of information are the Chair of the Graduate Program in Medical Pharmacology, Graduate Program Coordinator and your fellow students.

Certainly the most important component of your training will be the experience of designing, performing and evaluating your dissertation research. Courses will provide a valuable opportunity to discuss the fundamentals of pharmacology with established investigators, and to learn how to approach and evaluate the scientific literature. A critical goal of the faculty will be to teach you how to take responsibility for your own education. As a scientist, you must determine what you need to know,and figure out how to get there to know it - be it in the classroom,library,or laboratory. Attainment of a graduate degree in Medical Pharmacology requires outstanding scholarship and demonstration of distinguished research leading to a thesis that contributes significantly to the general fund of knowledge in the discipline. The degree is never granted solely as certification of faithful performance of a prescribed program of course study. All degree requirements must be fulfilled. The requirements for the degree are outlined in this Handbook.

We are pleased that you have chosen to pursue your research training here. Best of luck as you begin your scientific career.

Medical Pharmacology Graduate Handbook June 2015