Program Seminars: PHCL 596C Research Seminar Schedule

PHCL 596C  Research Seminar Schedule

Wednesday, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Arizona Health Sciences Center (AHSC), room 8403

These seminars are presented by students in the Medical Pharmacology Program, faculty within the University or from outside the University as guests. These seminars are presented by experienced scientists and consist of an update of recent research in the speaker's laboratory.

Students are required to register for PHCL 596C for the Fall and Spring Semesters and during their term of residence in the Program. Grades are calculated based on presentation and attendance.

  • First year students are not required to present a seminar, so their grade will be determined by attendance only.
  • Ph.D. students are required to present each year while in the program.
  • M.S. students are required to present one (1) seminar.
  • MD/Ph.D. and PharmD/Ph.D students are required to present two (2) seminars.

For more information please contact Dr. May Khanna at

Fall 2019

No seminars are scheduled yet for Fall 2019.


Spring 2019


January 9

Presenter: Douglas Feinstein, Professor
Affiliation/Organization: University of Illinois Cancer Center

January 16

Presenter: Xinzhong Dong, Professor
Affiliation/Organization: Johns Hopkins University