Surgery Grand Rounds

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 1:00am to 2:00am

Please be sure to join us as Dr. Ali A. Baaj, Assistant Professor of Surgery and Director, Spinal Neurosurgery Program with the Division of Neurosurgery speaks on the topic entitled; “Lateral Thoraco-Abdominal Approaches To The Spine:  Indications and Techniques.” 

As a result of this presentation participants will be able to: 

  1. Understand the anatomy of the lateral thoracolumbar spine.
  2. Identify the indications for lateral thoracolumbar spine surgery.
  3. Review the techniques of lateral thoracolumbar spine surgery.

Objectives: Discuss current general clinical and scientific information presented at the conference; Utilize the information presented on current procedures and protocols as it relates to enhanced patient care.

Target Audience: Physicians, nurses, students, residents, and other health care professionals.

Methodology: Lecture

Event Address: 
College of Medicine – Tucson
Room 5403

Contact Info
Jolene C. Snover
(520) 626-1822