September 20, 2023

A new study found that the combination of chronic pain and anxiety or depression affects more than 12 million adults in the U.S.

September 18, 2023

Comprehensive Pain and Addiction Center researchers are examining the link between prolactin and endometriosis, a painful condition that affects women.

July 4, 2023

A study published in the journal PAIN is the first to show how morphine interacts with toll-like receptor 4 to contribute to pain evolution and bone loss.

June 7, 2023

Seven research teams at the University of Arizona Health Sciences received funding to advance new products or services addressing significant clinical needs.

May 10, 2023

Allopregnanolone is showing promise as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease in elderly people and conditions including cerebral palsy in premature infants.

April 20, 2023

Price Fishback, Takeshi Inomata, Chris Segrin, Kathy Short and Todd Vanderah are the University of Arizona's newest Regents Professors. The university's highest faculty rank honors exceptional achievements that merit national and international recognition.

April 12, 2023

Comprehensive Pain and Addiction Center researchers are studying how electronic stimulation of the brain can break looping pain signals and destructive cravings.

March 17, 2023

Nobel Laureate David Julius, PhD, will deliver the keynote address at "Advancing the Neurobiology of Pain – University of Arizona 2023" on March 28.

January 29, 2023

Dr. Mohab Ibrahim always knew he wanted to be a doctor; his lived experience and mentors helped him find his calling as a pain specialist and researcher.

December 14, 2022

Interprofessional education modules at the Arizona Simulation Technology and Education Center teach students the importance of teamwork in health care.

September 30, 2022

Roberta Diaz Brinton, PhD, director of the University of Arizona Center for Innovation in Brain Science (CIBS) will be honored as the Arizona Bioscience Researcher of the Year by the Arizona Bioindustry Association (AZBio) at the 2022 AZBio Awards event Sept. 28 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

August 31, 2022

The annual event exploring groundbreaking approaches in drug discovery is making an in-person return to Phoenix in September.

August 15, 2022

More than $20 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health bolsters R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy’s rise to No. 5.

August 2, 2022

University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson medical students received their white coats representing their future profession on July 29 at Centennial Hall.

May 5, 2022

Ceremony will honor alumni completing residencies, students receiving medical degrees and students who are preparing to enter medical school in July.

April 28, 2022

The partnership will advance pain and addiction research and accelerate positive health outcomes in Arizona, Oklahoma and across the country.

April 26, 2022

Todd Vanderah, PhD, completed his doctorate at the University of Arizona Health Sciences, did his postdoctoral work in Colorado, then returned to a faculty position at the College of Medicine – Tucson, where he is head of the Department of Pharmacology.

April 25, 2022

Researchers received a $7.6 million grant to investigate PhytoSERM, a supplement that may treat menopausal symptoms and lower Alzheimer’s disease risk.

April 15, 2022

Tally Largent-Milnes, PhD, is studying the role of the endogenous cannabinoid system in migraine, a neurological disorder that affects women at a higher rate than men.

March 20, 2022

Fourth-year University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson students learned where they’ll launch their careers as new residents.

March 10, 2022

Arizona leads the nation in enrolling participants in the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program.

March 9, 2022

More than 110 College of Medicine – Tucson medical students will simultaneously open envelopes revealing where they will complete their residency training.

February 21, 2022

College of Medicine – Tucson Class of 2024 medical students will receive their white coats on Feb. 25.

November 9, 2021

Researchers targeted a common sodium ion channel to reverse pain and saw positive results that could lead to a non-addictive solution to treat pain.

September 19, 2021

The third annual Drug Discovery and Development Summit aims to foster private-public collaboration and commercialization of new discoveries against diseases most burdensome to Arizonans.