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Martin L, Ibrahim M, Gomez K, Yu J, Cai S, Chew LA, Bellampalli SS, Moutal A, Largent-Milnes T, Porreca F et al..  2022.  Conotoxin contulakin-G engages a neurotensin receptor 2/R-type calcium channel (Cav2.3) pathway to mediate spinal antinociception.. Pain. 163(9):1751-1762.
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Yakhnitsa V, Ji G, Hein M, Presto P, Griffin Z, Ponomareva O, Navratilova E, Porreca F, Neugebauer V.  2022.  Kappa Opioid Receptor Blockade in the Amygdala Mitigates Pain Like-Behaviors by Inhibiting Corticotropin Releasing Factor Neurons in a Rat Model of Functional Pain.. Front Pharmacol. 13:903978.
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Ikegami D, Navratilova E, Yue X, Moutal A, Kopruszinski CM, Khanna R, Patwardhan A, Dodick DW, Porreca F.  2022.  A prolactin-dependent sexually dimorphic mechanism of migraine chronification.. Cephalalgia. 42(3):197-208.