Year of Publication Title Faculty Association
2004 The acetyltransferase p300/CBP-associated factor is a p53 target gene in breast tumor cells. George Watts, Ph.D.
2004 The chemopreventive agent alpha-difluoromethylornithine blocks Ki-ras-dependent tumor formation and specific gene expression in Caco-2 cells. George Watts, Ph.D.
2003 Low-level arsenite induced gene expression in HEK293 cells. George Watts, Ph.D.
2003 Mutant p53 and aberrant cytosine methylation cooperate to silence gene expression. George Watts, Ph.D.
2002 Diverse actions of ovarian steroids in the serotonin neural system. John M. Streicher, PhD
2002 Development and molecular characterization of HCT-116 cell lines resistant to the tumor promoter and multiple stress-inducer, deoxycholate. George Watts, Ph.D.
2002 Water quality has a pronounced effect on cholesterol-induced accumulation of Alzheimer amyloid beta (Abeta) in rabbit brain. Jeffrey J. Lochhead, PhD
2001 cDNA microarray analysis of multidrug resistance: doxorubicin selection produces multiple defects in apoptosis signaling pathways. George Watts, Ph.D.
2001 Laminin-5-mediated gene expression in human prostate carcinoma cells. George Watts, Ph.D.
1995 Detecting differences in 5-methylcytosine using restriction enzyme isoschizomers: an endogenous control for complete digestion. George Watts, Ph.D.
2021 The FDA Mandate to Reassess Benzodiazepines: Alprazolam Induces a Positive Conditioned Place-Preference if Male Rate Tally Largent-Milnes, PhD, Todd Vanderah, PhD
2014 Intranasal drug delivery to the brain Jeffrey J. Lochhead, PhD
2005 Water Quality and Cholesterol-induced pathology: differential effects of the M-1 muscarinic receptor agaonist AF267b on accumulation of Alzheimer-like Amyloid B in rabbit brain Jeffrey J. Lochhead, PhD